2012 Integral Fellows Finalist: Social Venture Partners

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What is MSAF’s 48-Hour Matching Campaign?
From 9:00 P.M. Pacific Time on October 1 until midnight on October 3, donations made by Microsoft Alumni Foundation members through SeeYourImpact.org to the 2012 Integral Fellows nominees and Save the Children were matched.
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2012 Integral Fellows Finalist: Social Venture Partners

David Habib

David Habib has spent more than 12,000 ­hours volunteering his time and expertise with more than 25 nonprofits at Social Venture Partners. He has revolutionized mission-critical database apps for the nonprofit sector allowing them to connect with donors, advocate for their causes, and expand their impact. Working in the trenches to define the information that each nonprofit needs to track, the business processes for intake, matching, granting and administration and the various reporting requirements for city, county, state and federal governments, David is integrally involved through training the staff on the system and providing ongoing support. From making it easier for families to apply for assistance at Child Care Resources to developing a sophisticated Auction Management application at Groundwire that has been installed by more than 150 organizations, David exemplifies the impact that one volunteer can have working quietly behind the scenes, advocating for their causes, and expanding their impact.

David is one of 2,300 engaged donors in SVP’s international network.  By building powerful relationships between individuals who want to give back, and the nonprofits that make change possible, SVP cultivates effective philanthropists and strengthens organizations – ensuring that we make a greater impact, together.


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